Application updates

If you have already submitted your application to VCU and need to make updates, find out how to here.

How to make application updates

To make updates to your application once it’s been submitted, email the application processor listed in the chart below. Do not submit more than one application — if you do, only the first will be processed.

Application processors by specific undergraduate program

Processor Programs Phone number Email address
Danielle Cooper School of the Arts;
Undergraduate media certificate program
(804) 827-4547
Sarah Casey Post-baccalaureate in business, health sciences, computer science, Spanish and statistics certificate programs (804) 827-4547
Talia Anderson Dental hygiene (804) 827-4548
Shanice Owens

Allied health: Clinical Radiation Sciences and Medical Laboratory Sciences

(804) 828-0014 
Talia Anderson School of Nursing (804) 827-4548

Processors for all other undergraduate programs

Processor Caseload
(last name)
Phone number Email address
Sarah Casey A-F (804) 828-6945
Ruby Colebaugh G-N (804) 828-4376
Danielle Cooper O-Z (804) 828-1024