Transfer scholarships

male student celebrating at a spirit event

Transfer applicants from the Virginia Community College System who have earned a minimum of 45 semester credit hours may qualify for a VCU scholarship.

VCCS Transfer Scholarship

The VCCS Transfer Scholarship covers the cost of tuition and fees up to $8,000 per year (maximum amount of $4,000 per semester).


Applicants with a minimum of 45 credit hours at a Virginia community college who transfer to VCU are eligible to be considered for this scholarship. A limited number of these scholarships are available. Students who have attended institutions other than Virginia community colleges are not eligible.

Transfer applicants must submit VCU’s online electronic application by March 15 to be considered.

An optional two-page essay that will be evaluated during the scholarship consideration process may be submitted on one of these topics:

  • Compose page 87 of your autobiography. In this essay, you should be creative, considering where your life story would be at this point.
  • Describe the most-challenging obstacle you’ve faced and what you did to overcome it. What did you learn from the experience?